Arm circles seated (Shoulder/arm circles AROM CW CCW (alternate), sitting)

Arm circles seated (Shoulder/arm circles AROM CW CCW (alternate), sitting)

Sit in an upright posture so that you feel well balanced, with your arms relaxed.

Keeping your elbows straight, move your arm down and around and forwards in a large circle, reaching as far forward as you can and then repeat the circle with the other arm.

Alternate the circles between both arms for each side.

Now change the direction of the arm circles to a backward movement, first with one arm and then the other.

Continue on alternating arms as directed on each side.

Arm circles help with flexibility and mobility of the entire shoulder girdle, and also helps promote good posture.

Shoulder flexibility is important for tasks such as getting dressed, bathing, and reaching for things in the kitchen.

Required equipment: Chair
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